Blip - Geo-Social application for BlackBerry

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Blip - Geo-Social application for BlackBerry

Blip - Geo-Social application for BlackBerryBlip is just another Geo Social location sharing application available for BlackBerry. Blip for BlackBerry does not offer nothing special that you will not find in other applications from this kind but it is free. If you are into this kind of apps and geo social life and want to exploit this free application try it it is free after all.

From the press release:
BlipPlus offers users a complete experience on the BlackBerry smartphone from installation, account creation, and sharing of location. Users can share their location to others using BlipPlus or friends can create FREE BlackLine account on the web.
blipplusbbBlipPlus allows users to choose the frequency of locations published to BlackLine’s Location Services Platform. Users may choose to have their location updated as frequently as every 15 minutes through to every two hours. At any time, a user may disable location publishing or change friend permissions from within the BlipPlus application. Mapping the location of other BlipPlus users who have shared their location is quick and easy. Locations are displayed within the BlackBerry Maps application in seconds.

BlipPlus incorporates a new Event Publishing feature that allows users to geo-tag and share photos to others. Users can publish photos taken with their phone’s camera and share them to others along with a subject and comment. Friends receive an Event Notification when a new event is published and can view the photo, subject, note, and location online or from within BlipPlus.

Beyond sharing locations to others and enabling them with geographic awareness, BlipPlus is helpful to find a user’s smartphone when misplaced or lost. Overall, BlipPlus increases family efficiency and safety, and enhances the degree of connectedness within social circles.

To download Blip for BlackBerry follow this link!

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Published on 18.01.2009 in Blackberry News

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Blip - Geo-Social application for BlackBerry