BlackBerry Tour 9630 user manual found online

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BlackBerry Tour 9630 user manual found online

BlackBerry Tour 9630 user manualThe user guide or user manual for the yet to be released BlackBerry Tour 9630 or BlackBerry Niagara as some may refer to it, was found online on Megaupload. If you are interested into this BlackBerry device you might want to download and read the user guide for the BlackBerry 9630 to get some insight of what the device is offering.

Reading the BlackBerry Tour 9630 Smartphone User Guide as this PDF  document is titled, we found out a lot of interesting things about the new BlackBerry smartphone that is soon expected to be officially released in stores around the world.

The most interesting part of this user guide might be the part for the shortcuts available on the BlackBerry Tour 9630 that will make your every day usage of the mobile phone a lot quicker and easier. On the other hand for first time BlackBerry users will have a jump start on using this device as every function and usage idea of this BlackBerry is described step by step making this guide look like a BlackBerry Tour 9630 for Dummies book.
To download the BlackBerry Tour 9630 user guide click here!

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Published on 26.05.2009 in Blackberry News

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Comments: BlackBerry Tour 9630 user manual found online

Posted by Chris on Friday, July 31, 2009 15:43
I love this phone.
Posted by Worldbprery on Friday, June 30, 2017 07:25
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BlackBerry Tour 9630 user manual found online