Skype coming to BlackBerry in 2009

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Skype coming to BlackBerry in 2009

Native Skype client for BlackBerry
What is the big deal with Skype for BlackBerry, why it is so important to have it on your phone, well... since all of my friends are on Skype eighter on their desktop computers or their mobile phones, nearly all the time online, a native BlackBerry Skype client will be a good thing to have on my phone with all those free Wi-Fi hotspots floating around the places I usualy go. While there may be alternatives on having Skype on my BlackBerry, I would still go with a native client. So while Skype officially are porting the application on other mobile platforms, BlackBerry mobile phones seemed like a bit behind in this flow of events.
Well until now there was no word from Skype about the BlackBerry OS version until CES 2009 in Las Vegas where they announced the development of Skype clients for Android, S60 and other mobile platforms. As for the BlackBerry their response was very interesting:

In theory, the Java-based client could be installed on a BlackBerry, but as there are no specific power management features built in it would drain the battery quite quickly. Skype is continuing to work on a separate BlackBerry client for release later this year.

RIM itself developed a “very efficient” BlackBerry client, but since it relies on sales via carriers who don’t want Skype calls eating into their voice revenue that version isn’t likely to appear any time in the near future.

Well this all sums up all rumors about a native Skype client for BlackBerry mobile phones, now we can just sit and wait to see what comes up.

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Published on 22.07.2009 in Blackberry News

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Skype coming to BlackBerry in 2009