Install a LEAKED BlackBerry OS - For Dummies

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Install a LEAKED BlackBerry OS - For Dummies

BlackBerry OS Install - For Dummies

There are many reasons why users might install a leaked BlackBerry OS upgrade on their smartphones, for some it is the desperate need to fix a problem, performance improvements and other issues, while for some it is just a matter of numbers, always having the latest and newest device software on their BlackBerry smartphone. So while we publish news on leaked BlackBerry OS releases, we thought it would be a good idea to write a tutorial on "How to Install a LEAKED BlackBerry OS" for Dummies. A simple, clean and descriptive walk through the process of updating your BlackBerry device software.
The first thing you need to do is to check the current version your BlackBerry smartphone is running. You can see it by pressing the "Menu" button and going to "Options" > "About".  You will be shown a screen like the one you see below:
BlackBerry OS upgrade

After you make sure you are running a lower version than the one you want to install (in case you are upgrading and not downgrading your BlackBerry smartphone). If you are installing an official OS upgrade for your BlackBerry you can download it from the BlackBerry website or your carriers website. In our case you will be downloading the leaked OS for your device from Megaupload or RapidShare.

If you are installing a leaked OS or an OS from carrier different from yours please make sure you delete the Vendor.xml file from your desktop PC. You can find this file in the "Program Files" > "Common Files" > "Research In Motion" > "AppLoader" folder.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager

The next thing is to make sure you have the latest BlackBerry Desktop Software, you can download the latest version here:
You can check if you have the latest BlackBerry Desktop Manager software by opening the program and going to "Help" > "About BlackBerry Desktop Manager".

Some settings will be returned to their defaults after the OS upgrade install like your font family, font style and size. So if you want to keep them, take a piece of paper and write them down, they can be found on your device in "Options" > "Screen/Keyboard". Also some third party apps might require that you enter your username/password after the install so think of them too. Another tip is to activate the default BlackBerry theme because some third party themes might not work properly on your BlackBerry after the OS is upgraded.

After you have done this close all BlackBerry related apps on your PC and open the file you downloaded, you should run the EXE file. If you downloaded a ZIP archive, extract it and run the upgrade file. The "InstallShield Wizard for BlackBerry" will start. Select your language if you are asked and wait for the following screen to show up:

InstallShield Wizard for BlackBerry Device Software

Then click "Next" and follow the screens (Select language, Accept therms and conditions, close other BlackBerry apps if any...). When the install process is complete, the program will ask you if you want to start the BlackBerry Desktop Software, select the checkbox and click "Finish". When BlackBerry Desktop Software starts, connect your BlackBerry smartphone with the USB cable provided with the device. Then you will see a window that tells you it's searching for device application updates and few seconds later another dialog will appear, asking if you want to install the available upgrades.

Install available upgrades

Click the "Update Now" button and you will be shown a summary with the applications that are going to be changed:

Install BlackBerry OS - Affected Apps

You can play arround with the device software options and the device backup and restore options as seen on the screenshots bellow:

Install BlackBerry OS - Backup data

We recomend backing up your device data by selecting the checkbox as in the screen above. This will make sure that your phone data is backed up safely and is not lost in the upgrade process. Click "OK" and the backup options will close. Now click "Next". If you are shown a screen with "Update Notification" you fill it in according to your personal desire. Then click "Next" once again and you will see this:

Install BlackBerry OS - Finish

When you click the "Finish" button the OS upgrade will start. The update process for installing an official or a leaked BlackBerry OS takes from 20-40 minutes. So you can do something else while it goes on. Watching the screen is not much fun in my opinion. When the OS update is complete you will get a success message from BlackBerry Desktop Manager and the radio on your device will turn on. This means that you have successfully installed the new OS upgrade on your BlackBerry. Now you can close the Desktop Manager and disconnect your smartphone. You can see the new updated OS version on your device by pressing the "Menu" button and going to "Options" > "About".

NOTE: The installation process described here is the same for leaked and official OS updates. If you are looking on how to install a leaked OS on Mac visit the tutorial here!

Important: If you decide to install a leaked BlackBerry OS on your device, you are doing it on your own risk. We do not advice or encourage your to download and install leaked, unofficial, beta or hybrid BlackBerry OS releases. Doing so you must know that installing a leaked OS on your BlackBerry smartphone might void your warranty, make your BlackBerry unusable or cause other problems. Leaked BlackBerry OS releases might contain bugs and while providing improvements in some areas, others may suffer. If you are not comfortable with exposing your smartphone to this risk and you are not absolutely sure you know what are you doing we advice you to wait for an official release for your BlackBerry smartphone OS update. Please remember that after doing an OS upgrade, some of your installed programs might not work.

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Published on 13.10.2009 in Blackberry News

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Install a LEAKED BlackBerry OS - For Dummies