BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK)

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BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK)

BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK)

When we are talking about must have tools that every BlackBerry smartphone owner should have there is no way that we can pass BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife. I have been using BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife or BBSAK from its initial beta release but I don't know how I have forgotten to write about it. So what does exactly BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife do? Well many things and among that we can point out these one:
  • You can install multiple COD files at once
  • You can install JAD files from your desktop (very useful)
  • You can take screenshots of your BlackBerry smartphone
  • Create a device backup and restore a backup
  • Wipe your Blackberry 507 error
  • Reset Blackberry to factory state removing any IT Policy
  • You can load OS upgrades and more...
Well instead of going through many details, I think it would be best if you discover this free BlackBerry desktop application by yourself. BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) comes highly recommended and we suggest you download and give it a try.
This application is in the beta stages and we will continue to update as we release new versions. Just keep a watch on this thread. BB SAK was built as a JL Cmdr replacement tool with a more friendly GUI. It uses Javaloader to do its magic. I hope that you all will find it as useful as I do. Any thanks post there here in this thread. Also if you post on other sites please use the link provided here, so we can keep count of downloads.

NEW to BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife v1.6
  • Brand New Tabbed Layout for better organization
  • Animated app expansion
  • Multiple COD install now available through the "Install COD(s)" button
  • Multiple COD removal now available through the "Remove COD(s)" button (Read system required to remove cods)
  • Install JAD files (ALL CODs referenced in JAD file must be in the SAME FOLDER as JAD)
  • JAD Maker now included! (Box is drag and drop for windows xp and vista users only)
  • New BB Screenshot Preview! - Preview your screenshot before you save it!
  • RESTORE APPS BUTTON IS BACK!!! (NOTE** will install all files under "BBSAK BACKUP" in the applications section of your blackberry removing this app will remove ALL apps in the backup!!!!! THE ALX IS STILL CREATED!!! feel free to install that via loader.exe or blackberry desktop manager)
BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) screenshots:

BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK)

You can download BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife for free from our community BlackBerry downloads section or from here! Also you will need Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework installed in order to use this desktop application.

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Published on 16.10.2009 in Blackberry News

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Comments: BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK)

Posted by Randy on Tuesday, November 24, 2009 11:10
Have not tried it yet
Posted by Dante on Friday, July 30, 2010 02:38
trying this now
Posted by dino on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 03:00
my bb storm 2 hang up after upgrade lookout mobile security.
how to reformat again this bb
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BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK)