Free Theme: LoveBerry - Valentine theme for BlackBerry

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Free Theme: LoveBerry - Valentine theme for BlackBerry

Free Theme Download: LoveBerry - Valentine theme for BlackBerry

With Valentine's coming in just a few days, we've put together a nice clean valentine theme for all of you who want to put some love into their BlackBerry smartphones. Other then that this theme is good for all of you who are in love and extend that love to their BlackBerries.

The theme features our custom icons and a nice worm red tone. It is available for BlackBerry Bold 9000 / 9700, Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Tour 9630. The theme is also available for BlackBerry OS 5.0. OTA download links are here:

OTA Download links for LoveBerry - Valentine BlackBerry theme

Here are also some screens to get you started:

Free Theme Download: LoveBerry - Valentine theme for BlackBerry Free Theme Download: LoveBerry - Valentine theme for BlackBerry Free Theme Download: LoveBerry - Valentine theme for BlackBerry

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Published on 09.02.2010 in Blackberry News

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Comments: Free Theme: LoveBerry - Valentine theme for BlackBerry

Posted by elly on Wednesday, February 09, 2011 22:11
I ♡ it
Posted by Silhad on Monday, October 14, 2013 05:14
"our child won't act like that" I warn him. "Oh yes, our child will probably have more than one memont like that." My parents nicknamed me Vicmorfia (my name is Victoria) whenever I acted completely bratty. It was a way to acknowledge that my behavior wasn't ok but they still loved me. Good luck, and I'm sure she will be a little angel again at some point today-charming you and reminding you how amazing she is.
Posted by Abonem on Monday, October 14, 2013 19:33
the calendar with hatrpdinns is precious! what a great idea.valentine's day...well. for some reason, my method of celebrating is to pour a piping hot cup of tea or decaf coffee after dinner, sit down with a really really really fat book, light a candle and read a chapter. sometimes to the kids, sometime just for myself. Then. something chocolate, even if it's only a few bites. thereyou go!I also have to mention a newfound deep love for candy hearts. Sure, the sayings are really stupid, but gathered together in a little baggie and attached to a handmade hearts card, they are so pretty,those almost- getting- you- to-feel-like-spring colors!
Posted by Alejandro on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 07:09
Oh I am ALWAYS out of ink... I think my Printer literally drknis it before I can ever use it.. LOL!! These are Really Cute... I seriously need to learn how to use my photo elements that I bought Two years ago still sitting in the Original Box Unopened because of FEAR!!! .. :) But thankfully there are WONDERFUL people like you who offer such CUTE Free things to print.. :) [url=]oegdakq[/url] [link=]acnoihkmxrm[/link]
Posted by Alexander on Sunday, November 03, 2013 10:00
, I'm expecting a devriely today, so I said okay and assumed it was from the post office. So my post man had a package from my mom (yeah! Christmas in February!) but nothing for my husband. So I messaged him, you are expecting a package today? He said, yea did it get there? I said, no what is it. And he refused to answer me. So I get a phone call from some strange man talking about stopping in this afternoon and I was like what? No you are not coming and ignored his calls lmao! My husband arrives home and says, did you get the flowers I sent? Um no, I kinda told the devriely man not to come BECAUSE dammit you didn't tell me to expect an in-person devriely! The man did call back and my husband told him to bring them (luckily they were still delivering). So that is how I ruined my Valentine's surprise this year lol but that is so like me anyway.BUT in the morning, before all the devriely hoopla, my son did ask what Valentine's Day was, so I explained how some give flowers, chocolates, cards, etc and he said, well I gave you flowers yesterday so Happy Valentine's Day Mama! LOL And it is true, he picked some flowers, um weeds actually, in the garden and gave them to me the day before, so in his mind that counted!
Posted by Jorge on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 14:40
Hi Russell! I dont know if you remember me im Marina one of the benakrs at the Long Beach Plaza office. We spoke a couple a times when you came into the branch. However, I wanted to know if you do like a trash the dress type of photo shoot. Well what happen is that at my wedding i didnt have enough time to take like nice pictures because everything was so rushed and to many things were going on that day. Plus we didnt have a venue that had good photo opps outside. So my husband and i want to do a trash the dress type of thing but not really trash the dress lol. I wanted to see if you did those shoots and how much your prices are. Oh and i have a sister inlaw thats getting married next march if your able to send your price pack i'll be happy to show her since she is looking for one. Thanks you!Marina
Posted by Maria on Thursday, November 14, 2013 03:11
Hey Laurissa!! I am so sorry I am just now seeing this!! I will email you about the Valentine Mini's!!! If I can get engouh interest I will certainly do some but last year was not a huge success for me. And I feel like I'm running out of time lol!!!! [url=]zfoqyca[/url] [link=]svxcyyqoe[/link]
Posted by Kethelly on Friday, November 15, 2013 18:29
This is my middle son, right here! I acltluay have a portrait hanging in my living room where he has the saddest look ever. His eyes are little red and glassy, but everyone loves it. It's just him. I'm sure I'll be asked to take that down as he gets older. Great memories!
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Free Theme: LoveBerry - Valentine theme for BlackBerry