QuickLaunch App for BlackBerry v3.0 Released!

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QuickLaunch App for BlackBerry v3.0 Released!

QuickLaunch App for BlackBerry v3.0 Released!

NikkiSoft updated their BlackBerry application QuickLaunch to version 3.0 with a lot of new features and bug fixes. The popular QuickLaunch app has been arround for a while and personaly I have been using it for a while and got preatty used to it. The new version of QuickLaunch for BlackBerry is available in our store. For those who already have the application there is an update available!
QuickLaunch allows you to setup an unlimited number shortcuts to various functions such as Websites, Email, SMS and PIN addresses, Phone numbers, 3rd Party Apps, Videos, Images, Audio files, Screen Capture, Device Info, Weather, Bluetooth and WiFi Toggle, Camera and much more! In addition to these you can also launch Blackberry Options, Calculator, Calendar, Tasks and even the App Switcher. Configure a convenience key to activate QuickLaunch and when pushed a menu will pop up showing a scrollable list of your configured actions.

The QuickLaunch popup menu can be set to appear on the Right or Left side and can be shown on virtually any screen so you can perform any action without backing up and navigating through your homescreen and folders saving you time.

QuickLaunch will also improve the performance of your Blackberry by allowing you run the Memory Optimizer, Delete your call logs with one click, clear your Event Log and also perform a Device Reset (reboot). By using QuickLaunch you will be also be able to remove other apps that perform functions that are already built into QuickLaunch thus increasing the free memory on your device.

QuickLaunch does not run in the background taking up resources. QuickLaunch runs only when it’s opened allowing you to choose your previously configured shortcut, function or 3rd Party Application. Make your selection by highlighting the menu item you want and if your device has keyboard you just the desired key and your off! QuickLaunch then exits until you run it again. Find out why QuickLaunch has been the #1 selling BlackBerry App of 2009!
Get the QuickLaunch App for BlackBerry from our store.

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Published on 10.08.2010 in Blackberry News

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QuickLaunch App for BlackBerry v3.0 Released!