Free BlackBerry OTA Download: CleanCut Theme for BlackBerry Storm / Storm 2 OS 5.0

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Free OTA download: CleanCut Theme for BlackBerry Storm / Storm 2 OS 5.0 Over The Air!

CleanCut Theme for BlackBerry Storm / Storm 2 OS 5.0

Free BlackBerry OTA download: CleanCut Theme for BlackBerry Storm / Storm 2 OS 5.0
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Screenshot: CleanCut Theme for BlackBerry Storm / Storm 2 OS 5.0 Screenshot: CleanCut Theme for BlackBerry Storm / Storm 2 OS 5.0 Screenshot: CleanCut Theme for BlackBerry Storm / Storm 2 OS 5.0 Screenshot: CleanCut Theme for BlackBerry Storm / Storm 2 OS 5.0 Screenshot: CleanCut Theme for BlackBerry Storm / Storm 2 OS 5.0 Screenshot: CleanCut Theme for BlackBerry Storm / Storm 2 OS 5.0 Screenshot: CleanCut Theme for BlackBerry Storm / Storm 2 OS 5.0 Screenshot: CleanCut Theme for BlackBerry Storm / Storm 2 OS 5.0

OTA download description: CleanCut is an iPhonish theme for BlackBerry Strom and BlackBerry Storm 2. This OTA download is only for BlackBerry OS 5.0. The theme is very light only 564KB and runs very fast on your device. Please note that this theme is in alpha release so it might have some small bugs.

Compatible devices: BlackBerry Storm 9500
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Free Theme: CleanCut for BlackBerry Storm and Storm 2

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Free BlackBerry OTA Download: CleanCut Theme for BlackBerry Storm / Storm 2 OS 5.0