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How to remove Voice Activated Dialing from your BlackBerry?

Remove Voice Activated Dialing from your BlackBerry

If you want to remove that “Say a Command!” voice dialing application from your BlackBerry smartphone there is a easy and simple way to remove the Voice Activated Dialing from your BlackBerry,VAD (Voice Activated Dialing) - usually activated by pressing the default assigned left convenience key. Just follow these steps.

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BlackBerry Simulator Application Error problem fix

BlackBerry Simulator Application Error problem fix

When using the BlackBerry device simulator you sometimes might encounter this Application Error "Error inside JVM: Access violation reading from 0x00000000" when trying to start the simulator. Here is how to fix your problem.

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Install a LEAKED BlackBerry OS - For Dummies

BlackBerry OS Install - For Dummies

There are many reasons why users might install a leaked BlackBerry OS upgrade on their smartphones, for some it is the desperate need to fix a problem, performance improvements and other issues, while for some it is just a matter of numbers, always having the latest and newest device software on their BlackBerry smartphone. So while we publish news on leaked BlackBerry OS releases, we thought it would be a good idea to write a tutorial on "How to Install a LEAKED BlackBerry OS" for Dummies. A simple, clean and descriptive walk through the process of updating your BlackBerry device software.

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How to install a LEAKED BlackBerry OS on Mac

Install a LEAKED BlackBerry OS on Mac

Installing a leaked BlackBerry OS has been a challenge especially for Mac users who recently got their hands on the new BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac. Here is a good video tutorial on how to install all those leaked OS upgrades on your BlackBerry device if you have a Mac. This video shows how to solve the problem with extracting the EXE files on Mac with the latest OS 5.0 leaks. The process basically involves installing a valid OS and then copying over the beta/Hybrid COD files into Library > Application Support > Blackberry Desktop > Device Application >…

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How to install apps and themes using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Dummies

BlackBerry Install Apps and Themes using BDM for Dummies

Here is another article from our tutorial series and now it is time to learn how to install applications and themes on you BlackBerry smartphone using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software. So lets begin our "How to install apps and themes using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Dummies" tutorial. For the purpose of this tutorial we will be using the BlackBerry Tour 9630, just for illustration purposes but the installation process is the same for all BlackBerry smartphones.

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All you need to know about Bluetooth on your BlackBerry!

BlackBerry Bluetooth help

Bluetooth is a very useful thing and might come very handy in many situations. In this article we will cover the basics on how to use Bluetooth on your BlackBerry smartphone and we will give you a few tips on how to troubleshoot Bluetooth problems on your device. I hope you will find this article helpful. So lets start!
As first you might be asking yourself what the hell is Bluetooth and what do I use it for? Here is something for all of you who are not familiar with what Bluetooth really is: "Bluetooth technology allows you to wirelessly connect your BlackBerry smartphone to other Bluetooth devices such as a headset, your desktop PC or another BlackBerry smartphone. You can also use Bluetooth technology to stream music, transfer files, share contact details and more."

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BlackBerry Tour Keyboard Shortcuts

BlackBerry Tour Keyboard Shortcuts
Some of you might be familiar with the keyboard shortcuts on the new BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone, but for those who are not or maybe don't know all the keyboard shortcuts here is some info about what they are and how to seed up you work with the phone using these keyboard shortcuts for the BlackBerry Tour mobile phone.

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How to send free SMS messages on your BlackBerry

BlackBerry free SMS hack

Well here is a simple hack or life hack to be more correct on how to send free SMS messages using your BlackBerry. Yep, you are reading right, free unlimited SMS messages right from your BlackBerry mobile phone. Although this feature may not be available for some carriers it works for most of them and here is how the magic works.

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How to run BlackBerry MDS on Windows Vista?

BlackBerry MDS on Windows Vista

Many users have reported problems using the RIM BlackBerry MDS and Email simulator on Windows Vista OS so here is a quick fix on how to solve it. One way to fix it is to change the permissions of the directory C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Email and MDS Services Simulators 4.1.2\MDS so that MDS can write data to this directory and replace !BMDS_CLASSPATH!;!BMDS_CLASSPATH2! with %BMDS_CLASSPATH%;%BMDS_CLASSPATH2% in the file run.bat which can enable the MDS service to run on Windows Vista.

But for users who don't want the go through all this trouble there is an easy way to run BlackBerry MDS and Email simulator on Windows Vista.

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How to delete sensitive application data from device memory?

BlackBerry - Delete sensitive application data

As first what does exactly Memory Cleaning on your BlackBerry do? Well, Memory Cleaner clears various caches on the handheld including the temporary key store, content protection caches, address book caches, and the handheld clipboard. So it not only cleans sensitive application data from your device but it also speeds up your BlackBerry.

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