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Discover the sci-fi author whose works Arthur C. Clarke has described as "probably the most powerful work[s] of imagination ever written."
The Olaf Stapledon Collection
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Olaf Stapledon Collection SymbiannYou may never have n heard of him, but once you read Olaf Stapledon, you'll never forget him. The n Olaf Stapledon Collection contains 10 of his most famous works n including, "Last and First Men" and "Star Mak

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About The Olaf Stapledon Collection

Olaf Stapledon Collection SymbianYou may never have heard of him, but once you read Olaf Stapledon, you'll never forget him. The Olaf Stapledon Collection contains 10 of his most famous works including, "Last and First Men" and "Star Maker", which many sci-fi afficionados consider to be the finest works of science fiction ever written. Arthur C. Clarke said the former "transformed my life," and based his masterpiece, "Childhood's End", on the latter. "Last and First Men" contains the first descriptions of genetic engineering and terraforming, and "Star Maker" contains the first known description of Dyson spheres; physicist Freeman Dyson credits the novel with giving him the idea. Stapledon's work influenced such writers as Brian Aldiss, C.S. Lewis and Stanislaw Lem, and his novel "Sirius" served as the basis for Dean Koontz's famous work, "Watchers". The Olaf Stapledon Collection includes: A Man Divided Last Men in London Collected Stories Odd John Darkness and the Light Sirius Death Into Life Star Maker Last and First Men The Flames "Probably the most powerful work of imagination ever written."
Arthur C. Clarke
describing "Star Maker"Stapledon was born near Liverpool in 1886 and spent his childhood in Port Said on the Suez Canal. Educated at Oxford and Liverpool, he drove an ambulance with the Friends' Ambulance Unit during the First World War, and after a stint teaching, became a full-time writer. A committed pacifist, Stapledon maintained a correspondence with similar-leaning British authors including, H.G. Wells, J.B.S. Haldane, Bertrand Russell and J.B. Priestley. Stapledon died of coronary artery disease in 1950.To read The Olaf Stapledon Collection on your Blackberry-based device, you must first install an ebook reader. We suggest Mobipocket Reader, which you can download for free from the Mobipocket website. Because the collection is downloaded in a zipped format, you must first unzip it using either Winzip or Stuffit Expander on your PC or Mac. Then, use your desktop software to install the books you want to read to your phone, start Mobipocket Reader, and select a book. It's that easy!

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The Olaf Stapledon Collection - Blackberry software