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Pocket Guide for Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery (PktCuta™) for Blackberry

The Pocket Guide for Cutaneous Medicine & Surgery,is designed for dermatology residents & clerkship students,contains up-to-date & easily accessible medical & surgical information.
Pocket Guide for Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery (PktCuta™)
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Pocket Guide for Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery (PktCuta™) by: Skyscape, last updated: 11/04/2008

Requirements: RIM BlackBerry: 1.2 MB

About Pocket Guide for Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery (PktCuta™)

Pocket Guide for Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery
powered by Skyscape Publisher: Cambridge University Press The Pocket Guide for Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery, is designed for dermatology residents and clerkship students, contains up-to-date and easily accessible medical and surgical information.

Offers the reader the most up-to-date, clinical high yield data for expert patient assessment and management. Designed for health care providers with a knowledge base of dermatology. It is meant to guide you while you interact with patients in the clinical setting, whether reminding you which labs to check for methotrexate or which never to avoid before your next surgery.

Key Features
  • A quick reference on a wide range of dermatologic diseases
  • Provides concise clinical data on diagnostic lab findings and practical management
  • Provides key surgical anatomy and pearls on lasers, basic science and pharmacology
  • Includes notable dermatologic/dermpath mnemonics and a comprehensive quick reference of cutaneous diseases and syndrome association
  • Provides a comprehensive collection of dermatology and dermatopathology signs and concise guidence on their significance and associated clinical and laboratory findings
  • An essential resource for Dermatology Board Review!
Additionally, you''ll get valuable added features, available only from Skyscape:
  • Built-in Medical Calculator: Provide instant access from within clinical topic to Creatinine Clearance!
  • Full Images: Vivid images that aid in diagnostic workup.
  • Table Viewer: All the richness of extensive tables, easily viewable on the compact screen of your mobile device.View Table Viewer demo>

Pocket Guide for Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery (PktCuta™), compatible Devices

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Pocket Guide for Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery (PktCuta™) - Blackberry software