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Sol Mania Solitaire Card Games for Blackberry

Play 29 of the most popular and challenging solitaire card games FreeCell, Klondike, Spider and much more with the largest collection of solitaire games desgined for BlackBerry
Sol Mania Solitaire Card Games
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Sol Mania Solitaire Card Games by: Gera, last updated: 04/01/2008

Requirements: BlackBerry OS 4.0 and above

About Sol Mania Solitaire Card Games

Product DescriptionPlay 29 of the most popular and challenging solitaire card games Free Cell, Klondike, Pyramid, Spider, Aces Up, Alaska, Australian Patience, Batsford, Beetle, Black Widow, Canfield, Calculation, Forty Thieves, Golf, Josephine, Minerva, Pyramid Golf, Russian Solitaire, Scorpion, Sea Towers, Spiderette, Thieves of Egypt, Towers, 3 Peaks, Ukrainian Solitaire, Will o the WispYukon, NEW! Rouge Et Noir & Accordion. You will never be bored again, with this richest collection of solitaire games specifically designed and tested for your BlackBerry.Key Features & Benefits
  • Play 29 of the most popular solitaire card games with plenty of options to manage the difficulty level and your preferences
  • Great graphics on all BlackBerry devices, all screen resolutions and color support
  • Configurable autoplay
  • Restart the same game, Bookmark, Save/Restore and Undo
  • One click escape to the ribbon saves the game state
  • Extensive scoring and success rate statistics
  • On screen help for each game with extensive information for the game rules, scoring and play shortcuts
  • Self configurable shortcut menus to the most played games
  • Self configurable image sets to best fit your device screen resolution
  • NEW! Background image on the game screens. Allows you to select any image on your device and put it on the background of the game screens
The trial version is a fully functional version, which allows you to play any game ten times. Once you enter your activation code, the application will be unlocked and you will be able to play it with no limitations.

Sol Mania Solitaire Card Games, compatible Devices

Att Blackberry 7130c, Att Blackberry 7290, Att Blackberry 8700c, Att Blackberry 8800, Att Blackberry Curve, Att Blackberry Curve 8310, Att Blackberry Pearl, Alltel Blackberry 7130, Alltel Blackberry 7250, Alltel Blackberry 8703e, Alltel Blackberry 8830, BlackBerry 5810, BlackBerry 5820, BlackBerry 6210, BlackBerry 6220, BlackBerry 6230, BlackBerry 6280, BlackBerry 6510, BlackBerry 6710, BlackBerry 6720, BlackBerry 6750, BlackBerry 7100g, BlackBerry 7100i, BlackBerry 7100r, BlackBerry 7100t, BlackBerry 7100v, BlackBerry 7100x, BlackBerry 7105t, BlackBerry 7130c, BlackBerry 7130e, BlackBerry 7130g, BlackBerry 7130v, BlackBerry 7210, BlackBerry 7230, BlackBerry 7250, BlackBerry 7280, BlackBerry 7290, BlackBerry 7510, BlackBerry 7520, BlackBerry 7730, BlackBerry 7750, BlackBerry 7780, BlackBerry 8700c, BlackBerry 8700f, BlackBerry 8700g, BlackBerry 8700r, BlackBerry 8700v, BlackBerry 8703e, BlackBerry 8707v, BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8820, Blackberry 8830 World Edition, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl, Blackberry Pearl 8120, Blackberry Pearl 8130, Sprint Blackberry 7100i, Sprint Blackberry 7130e, Sprint Blackberry 8703e, Sprint Blackberry 8830, Sprint Blackberry Pearl 8130, T-mobile Blackberry Curve, Verizon Blackberry 7130e, Verizon Blackberry 8703e, Verizon Blackberry 8830, Verizon Blackberry Pearl 8130
Sol Mania Solitaire Card Games - Blackberry software