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Cortado Fax Premium Service - BlackBerry for Blackberry

Forward e-mail attachments, create and send faxes with Cortado Fax Premium Service for BlackBerry
Cortado Fax Premium Service - BlackBerry
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Cortado Fax Premium Service - BlackBerry by: Cortado. A Division of ThinPrint, last updated: 13/02/2008

Requirements: BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.2 or higher

About Cortado Fax Premium Service - BlackBerry

Forward e-mail attachments as fax at high speed. Create and send faxes using fax templates. Fax transmissions still play an important part in modern business communication.
A fax is still excellently suited for putting lengthy documents on paper, such as from a hotel fax machine while travelling. Faxes cannot be sent, though, if it is not possible to establish a direct connection to the recipient. Even today with 3G, it is only possible with mobile phones at a low baud rate of 9600 Bit/sec. The result is that faxing a single page can easily take up to 10 minutes. Not so with the Cortado Fax Premium Service for BlackBerry. Because all tasks are performed on the server, faxes can be sent directly from the server.

The Cortado Fax Premium Service is a monthly paid service that enables you to use short fax, a special function for fax transmission. Predefined fax forms are already stored on the server. If the user wants to send a fax, he only has to enter the text on his Smartphone. He also has the option of signing the fax with an image of his signature. Here again, formatting and transmission is taken care of by the server. Faxing is just a matter of seconds. Test for free!
After the successful download and installation of the Cortado Fax Client for BlackBerry you can test the Cortado Fax Premium Service 10 days for free. The Service will expire automatically after the test period. The service can be ordered via the Cortado Homepage: www.cortado.comSupported devices
The Cortado Premium Services can be used with BlackBerry handhelds with a firmware version 4.2 or higher. Further more, ONE of the following two requirements must be met to be able to connect to the Cortado hosting center and to use the Cortado services:
  • You are connected to an own BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) in your company*, AND/ OR
  • Your handheld supports the BlackBerry Internet Browsing Service (BIS-B).

    *For the BES to connect with the Cortado hosting center, the BES must be configured so that it can communicate outwardly via port 4001 and port 443. Please refer to your IT administrator.

Cortado Fax Premium Service - BlackBerry, compatible Devices

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Cortado Fax Premium Service - BlackBerry - Blackberry freeware