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e-Mobile Voice Memo for Blackberry

Never miss an important task! Create your own voice memo and get reminded with color, buzzer, ringtone and your own voice.
e-Mobile Voice Memo
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e-Mobile Voice Memo by: e-Mobile Software, Inc., last updated: 12/02/2008

Requirements: Blackberry Pearl, 8800, 8300, Curve series. OS 4.2.0 and up.

About e-Mobile Voice Memo

  • Take charge of your busy life schedule.  Create a memo, set a reminder and let
    "e-Mobile Voice Memo" take care of the rest and get notified by trackball/LED color, buzzer, ringtones and your OWN voice.  You will never miss an important task anymore. 
  • Create a memo with single clicks and set it to alert you at time and date you desire.
  • Record your own voice and create a voice memo directly from your phone.
  • Choose alert by trackball/LED color, buzzer, ringtones and your own recordings.
  • Create a reminder to alert your friends for upcoming lunch appointment or use it as a simple wake up call.
  • Send your voice greetings to your friends anywhere in the world. 
  • Quick recording with a single press of button.
  • Manage your daily, weekly or monthly schedule by creating self-reminder.
  • Set reminder frequency either by day, day of week or specific date of the year.
  • Choose the type of alerts you want, such as quiet mode alert through color trackball or LED and buzzer or alert with specific ringtone or personal voice recording.
  • Get reminded repeatedly until you acknowledge so you will never miss an important task.
  • Create your recording easily and listen to your recording with a single press of button.  Adjust sound volume iphone style by swiping a finger through the trackball.

  • Set up a reminder for your friend and use it either as a simple wake up call or a kindly reminder.
  • Cannot be at your friends'' party?  No problem, send your personal voice greeting and be "virtually" at the party.
  • Send to a contact you specify or directly from phone Address book.

  • Got no pen or have no time, simply press the "Quick Record" button and let it quickly capture your mental thoughts.
 System Requirement
  • Blackberry Pearl, 8800, 8300, Curve series. 
  • OS 4.2.0 and up.
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e-Mobile Voice Memo, compatible Devices

Att Blackberry 8800, Att Blackberry Curve, Att Blackberry Curve 8310, Att Blackberry Pearl, Alltel Blackberry 8830, Alltel Blackberry Pearl 8130, BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8820, Blackberry 8830 World Edition, BlackBerry Curve, Blackberry Curve 8310, Blackberry Curve 8320, BlackBerry Pearl, Blackberry Pearl 8110, Blackberry Pearl 8110 Pink, Blackberry Pearl 8120, Blackberry Pearl 8130, Sprint Blackberry 8830, Sprint Blackberry Pearl 8130, T-mobile Blackberry 8800, T-mobile Blackberry Curve, T-mobile Blackberry Pearl 8100, Verizon Blackberry 8830, Verizon Blackberry Pearl 8130
e-Mobile Voice Memo - Blackberry software