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Call Blocker for Blackberry

Call Blocker automatically refuse unrequested incoming calls.
Call Blocker
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Call Blocker by: Wireportal, last updated: 13/03/2008

Requirements: OS 4.3.0 and GSM/EDGE Network

About Call Blocker

Call Blocker is a very powerful application that can hangup automatically unrequested incoming calls. Call blocker has the following features: - Add single contacts or groups in the "blacklist" (*). - 3 different refusing modes: Hangup, Hangup+SMS, Mute - Personalize SMS to send after hangup (**)- Refuse unknown calls (**) (*) DEMO version supports max 5 single contacts.(**) Not available in the DEMO version.

Call Blocker, compatible Devices

BlackBerry Pearl
Call Blocker - Blackberry software